SuperTint is a Certified Installer of Pearl Nano® Super Hydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coatings 


SuperTint is excited to offer installation of the Pearl Nano™ exclusive line of Super Hydrophobic Nano-Ceramic Coatings and Detailing Supplies.

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Pearl Nano is one of the Best Nano Ceramic coatings for cars.  There are a lot of competitive brands that are also great. What makes a ceramic coating like Pearl Nano one of the best is that it has a very high concentration (>99%) of SiO2 Silicon Dioxide. Pearl Nano is one of the most pure SiO2 products available today. That's what makes it one of the best!

We looked for a long time to find the best answer for a liquid coating that would look great and provide years of protection. Pearl Nano® Ceramic Coatings meets that need.
Pearl Nano® has been developed with Silicon Dioxide SiO2 as the main component, that bonds to paint at the molecular level.
We provide installation of top quality super hydrophobic nano ceramic coatings, featuring a Glossy 3 D Matrix effect and lasts up to 3-5 years of full protection with proper care.

You will notice that your car stays clean much longer than without, cutting down your wash costs and time!
Because of the hydrophobic properties, the water beads, carrying much of the dirt away with it!.

Nano Base and 5Yr Pencil hardness test confirms “Greater than 9H” hardness. Compare this to factory clear coat around a 4-5H, Pearl nano gives you double hardness protection. Using paint protection films help with the rock chips in the front end, and rockers, and finish the rest of the car with Pearl Nano!


Contact us today for a quotation on your car, truck, or boat.   For most accurate quote, we recommend stopping by with your freshly washed vehicle. Estimates are for product installation and general prep, so take note if there is excessive scratching or swirl marks, we may need to do aditional power polishing before applying Pearl Nano.

Pearl Nano 5 year is now available !!

We also have a full line of Pearl Nano retail products both for installation or take some home for yourself;

  • SPEEDCOAT Waterless Car Wash with SiO2 sealant and polimers for  extreme hydrophobic properties between  washes,
    This product is used to give your car amazing gloss, hydrophobic, and is used as the final wipedown for vehicles with or without ceramic coatings installed. Simply light mist a microfibre cloth and apply, use a second dry microfibre cloth and buff before the product dries.

  • Tire Shine that is no sling and works on dashboard and trim, super concentrated

  •  Pearl Nano Carnuba Wax with Polimer Polish  with No streak Fast application 

  •  Water Spot Remover for all those hard water spots

  • Scratch and Swirl Remover Compound

  • Leather and Upholstry SiO2 spill and stain Protection for hydrophobic protection. Not only works on interior, use on convertable roofs, box covers, tents and awnings.

  • MetalX  - disolves iron  dust  that causes the tiny rust marks on paint, great for brake dust too!