Stratos™ Series Ceramic Tint

Our all new Llumar® FormulaOne™ Stratos™ Series is the most advanced ceramic film available today, utilizing the unique Hybrid-Matrix™ nano-ceramic technology to provide the maximum heat and glare rejection on the market. Now stocked in 15%, 35%, and 50% shades.


Breakthrough Technology
for the Connected Car

Stratos utilizes our most advanced
non-metal Hybrid-Matrix technology
for maximum heat rejection with no signal
interference. So electronic devices like your
mobile phone, GPS, keyless entry, satellite
radio and tablets will stay connected.
With Stratos you’ll be cool and comfortable
whether you are commuting to work or
taking a weekend road trip.


How Does Hybrid-Matrix™
Technology Work

Billions of heat-absorbing nanoscopic particles
are layered in our innovative micro-thin film
to trap infrared heat and disperse it outward
through your glass. This new technology rejects
up to 63% of heat and more than 99% of harmful
UV rays.

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