Pinnacle™ Series Tint

Llumar® FormulaOne™ Pinnacle™ Series Ceramic Films provides superior heat and glare reduction utilizing an innovative nano-ceramic construction.

Pinnacle™ Series Tint Ultimate Nano Ceramic Film for Super Heat Rejection

Exclusive only to SelectPro™ Dealers, Llumar® FormulaOne™ Pinnacle Series offers you peak performance in an automotive tint. The Pinnacle Series gives you 20% more heat rejection than our Classic Series films.

Advanced nano-ceramic technology enables the extremely high levels of protection against solar heat, glare, and UV rays, while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices.

Durability comes from premium nano-ceramic components and an extra layer of scratch resistant protection.

Pinnacle Series is a technologically  advanced tint designed drivers looking for the best in clarity, cool comfort, and reliability.


  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • Advanced Nano-Ceramic Design
  • Up to 65% heat rejection (20% more than Classic Series at the same shade)
  • Color Stable with Enhanced Comfort
  • Helps with fade control
  • No interference with electronics
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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