Comfort™ Series Tint

Llumar® FormulaOne™ Comfort™ Series Tint has a micro-metallic dyed film construction for additional heat rejection for a more comfortable ride.

FormulaOne Comfort Series Tint Extra heat rejection

Enjoy extra heat-blocking technology of our FormulaOne Comfort Series of window tints.

LLumar metallizes this tint at two stages of the manufacturing process, so you can relax in comfort and shade. Whether you decide on a dramatic look that takes your windows a full 95% darker, or a subtle shift to 50% darker, you’ll love the new look of your vehicle.  

  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • Metalic layer added to color stable dyed film
  • Up to 54% heat rejection
  • Great looks
  • Helps with fade control
  • Lifetime Warranty


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