Classic™ Series Tint

Llumar® FormulaOne™ Classic™ Series Tint provides great style and comfort with a soft charcoal look.

Classic Series Window Tint High Performance Dyed Film

FormulaOne Classic Series car window tints give you lots of freedom to express your personal style, plus some nice creature comforts. With options that darken your auto glass from 50-95%, you also get premium-grade optical clarity, scratch resistance, protection from UV rays, heat blocking benefits and eye-friendly glare reduction.

An exclusive offering of LLumar SelectPro dealers, FormulaOne Classic is an uncompromising combination of color-stable window tint technology and precision installation, made to last for as many stylish miles as you care to drive.

  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • Best in Class Color Stable Dyed Film
  • Up to 44% heat rejection
  • Great looks
  • Helps with fade control
  • Lifetime Warranty
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