AIR™ Series Tint

Llumar® Air™ 80 series is an almost clear window film that drastically reduces heat and glare, blocks 99% of UVA and UVB, while providing maximum visibility. Air 80 blocks an astonishing 43% of the sun's energy.

AIR Series Clear Film Less Glare and more Comfort Without Obscuring Vision

If you’re happy with the look of your car windows but demand a higher level of performance, then LLumar clear window tints are for you. They upgrade the glass in your vehicle, increasing UV protection, comfort and more without any window-darkening tint. This makes them compatible with factory glass of all shades, from clear to deep charcoal. Whether you’re interested in pure and simple 99% UV protection or a full-featured ceramic film that delivers UV blocking power plus serious comfort enhancements, we’ve got you covered. And you’ll appreciate what comes standard with all our clear window films: barely detectable appearance, powerful protection against harmful UV rays, and impressive durability, thanks to our best-in-class scratch protection.

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