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SuperTint is the exclusive dealer for LLumar window films. LLumar window film is the world's best-selling brand of window film. We offer the complete line of LLumar brand automotive film, architectural film for both commercial and residential application, safety / security, and UV protection.

LLumar Residential and Commercial Films

There are six basic types of residential and commercial films:

  1. Silver films are used where maximum heat rejection and/ or glare reduction are critical, and a reflective silver appearance is acceptable. The R-series silver films give the most bang for your buck, but some people do not like the silver appearance.
  2. Bronze films are used where heat rejection and/ or glare control are important but a silver appearance is not acceptable. These films look very good on buildings with brown trim or siding (such as cedar).
  3. Neutral grey films are used where an unobtrusive appearance is important. The neutral colour goes with most exterior finishes and colour schemes.
  4. Low-e silver films are used where conservation of interior heat is also important.
  5. Gold film is used where heat rejection and/or glare control and/or a reflective appearance are desired, but a silver or bronze appearance is not acceptable.
  6. Security Films are used to protect from glass breakage, and make it difficult to enter a building through a broken window.

LLumar Automotive Films

There are six families of LLumar auto films:

  1. Premium Dyed Films - good-quality film for privacy, glare reduction, and appearance at the least cost. Available in Jet Black, Grey, and Charcoal, these films are guaranteed against bubbling, peeling, and delaminating for three years, when installed by an authorized LLumar dealer.
  2. High-Performance Bronze, Charcoal, and Stealth Films - laminated, dyed-and-metalized films with a lifetime warranty. Excellent heat control in a lighter-coloured film.
  3. Centaur Films - LLumar's best automotive film, a high-performance, elegant product with a neutral grey tone. Guaranteed for life, Centaur offers a great combination of appearance, warranty, and comfort.
  4. Platinum Plus - a light-coloured, sputter-coated film with a 200,000-mile warranty.
  5. UVShield - an almost totally clear (untinted) film that blocks 99.9% of the ultraviolet (UV) light striking the glass, and also reduces heat gain by about 8%. It is primarily intended to minimize your risk of skin cancer from exposure to UV light. Itís also one of just two films recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  6. SUVShield - similar to regular UVShield, but much thicker, this clear film is intended to provide a certain level of security for those SUV owners who don't want regular tint on their windows.

LLumar Decorative and Frosted Films

LLumar decorative films offer a palette of colored, translucent, opaque, and geometric patterned films. Decorative films add a subtle, stylish and effective level of privacy and glare reduction to any flat glass application. Eye-catching designs can be created through layering multiple films.

Decorative films are a cost effective, versatile alternative to the traditional method of acid etched patterned glass. Frosted films allow good use of available ambient light while reducing visual intrusion, making them an excellent choice to enhance privacy in offices, restaurants and storefronts. Used alone or combined with patterned film, these visually appealing films can eliminate the need for blinds.

LLumar Magnum Safety and Security Films

The most popular safety and security films are absolutely clear; they come in four thicknesses:

  1. Four-mil - a single-ply safety film, used where accidental breakage, not forced entry, is the greatest danger.
  2. Seven-mil - a single-ply security film, suitable for most situations where risk is moderate.
  3. Eleven-mil - a laminated security film, giving more-than-adequate protection in all but the very highest-risk areas.
  4. Fifteen-mil - a multi-ply film, for the ultimate in strength and protection. There is also a wide range of tinted, laminated, or multi-layered security films (in silver, or neutral grey) that provide both solar control and security in the same film.

SuperTint Roll-Up SolarShades

  1. Block the sun, not the view.
  2. Cut heat gain up to 76%.
  3. Reduce fading ultraviolet rays.
  4. Cut glare and eyestrain up to 95%.
  5. Provice excellent daytime privacy.
  6. Are ideal for residential, retail, and commercial applications.
  7. Have quiet, reliable mechanisms.

SolarShade Materials

SuperTint interior roll-up SolarShades can be made with CPFilms Shade Film, Phifer SunScreen material, or Phifer SheerWeave material.

Silver film reflects the most heat; because of the shiny appearance, these shades are the most noticeable when viewed from inside or out. Grey and grey/silver (photo below) shades have the lowest light transmission, which provides the greatest relief from glare. Amber film allows visibility from both sides. Shades with grey/silver film are installed with the grey side facing in, keeping interior reflection at a minimum.

Phifer SunScreen or SheerWeave are attractive, durable, vinyl-coated, fibreglass fabrics, used extensively across North America for sun control in all types of buildings. They are available in a variety of designer colours. SunScreen fabrics are excellent for glare reduction, but offer less in the way of heat rejection. The 1000 Series of SheerWeave fabrics allows the best outward visibility, the 2000 Series offers more privacy, and the 3000 Series allows the least outward visibility.

All materials used to make SuperTint's roll-up SolarShades can be washed with a soft cloth and a mild soap-and-water solution.


Authorized Dealer - Llumar

What Are Residential and Commercial Films?

These films are specifically designed and manufactured to go on flat pieces of glass – windows in homes or commercial buildings. Most LLumar flat-glass films are made of two layers of polyester with one or more micro-thin layers of metal between them; clear films have no metallic layer.

The type and amount of metal used determines the colour and reflectivity of the film. Some films have a layer of metal between the layers of polyester. In some films, one or both layers of the polyester film may be dyed.

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