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SuperTint is the exclusive dealer for LLumar window films. LLumar window film is the world's best-selling brand of window film. We offer the complete line of LLumar brand automotive film, architectural film for both commercial and residential application, safety / security, and UV protection.

SuperTint is an Alberta-based company that sells and installs automotive, residential, commercial, safety, and security film (also called tint) in Northwestern Alberta. Call us today for your free estimate or evaluation at (780) 538-4781.

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Authorized Dealer - Llumar

What Are Safety and Security Films?

These are single- and multi-layered polyester films designed specifically to resist breakage, and in the event of breakage, to hold the broken glass together to provide maximum safety and protection. The key is thickness, which goes from four to fifteen-thousandths of an inch (4 mil to 15 mil). The thinner ones are classed as safety films, while thicker ones are security films.

Security films are very popular with store owners, especially those who carry relatively small, easily portable (and easy-to-resell) merchandise like computers, audio equipment, CDs, and bikes.

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